Kobo vs Kindle

Kobo vs. Kindle: Which is the Best E-book Reader?

In purchasing e-readers, there are numerous things to weigh on first before you could actually begin enjoying the same. Just like mobile phones, computers, and tablets, e-readers are becoming a necessity today and the moment you get the idea that you certainly need one as well, you are then presented with a good dilemma on what brand to choose.

For anyone who is familiar with electronic book reading, there are two main devices that compete for the title of being the most popular e-reading device on the planet. Fair to say, there are actually many brands and models out there but the Kobo vs Kindle battle is the most sought after query in the web.

So what’s with these two e-readers? What makes them so popular and most preferred by consumers and shoppers?

Which of them is better in terms of different aspects and factors?

Now all these questions should be answered as you browse and continue reading the article.

Amazon’s Kindle is without a doubt the best e-reader on the market today.

We call it the best mainly because it leads the industry with a very wide margin in terms of sales to other e-readers and tablets optimized for electronic reading. However, there’s a new kid on the block that’s knocking on the Kindle’s legacy door and we call it the Kobo.

The Kobo on the other hand is like a poor man’s Kindle, since it is priced considerably lower.

Nonetheless, the features, build, and the specs aren’t really inferior to that of the Kindle. So the question now is which of the two are really better?

While there may be varying and very contrasting answers, the best and safest way to address the question would be: it really depends on what the customer or potential buyer is looking for.

So now, let us see both devices a bit closer and compare what they have to offer in different aspects of comparison. At this point, we focus on the price, book quality, and design.


You must admit that one of the foremost considerations in shopping for an e-reader is the price. While some people have all the money in the world that is enough for them to not worry about this factor, the majority of us still want to get the most out of the purchase.

The Amazon Kindle is priced higher than the Kobo and that’s a fact. Wherever you go, you always get the same trend. So if you think you need to trim down and not gamble on a more expensive price tag, your likely choice would be the Kobo over the Kindle.

Quality of Books

In the battle of Kobo vs Kindle, the quality of books sold and downloadable matters a lot. Remember that the main purpose why you’re purchasing an e-reader is to be able to get hold of your favorite book titles and upcoming releases.

Both these devices have thousands of downloadable content online, both free and with a charge for download.

The Kindle can accommodate almost 2000 books while Kobo has 1000. Nonetheless, practically all titles in Kobo version as well are found in Kindle.


When it comes to design, the most important thing to look at is the screen size. Both devices luckily have the same 6-inch e-ink screen. The Kobo is quite better in terms of holding it because of the soft rubber finish.

It’s like you are really holding an actual book in your hand. But what really makes the Kindle advantageous is that it can load up pages much faster than the Kobo.

But then again, your choice of e-reader mainly depends on what you really need. Most of the time, you get the instant feeling that you want a product the moment you get to hold and feel it.